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  1. 1. What is a word? What is terminology?

    Can we know for a fact that another has interpreted the same thing that we have? A word is simply a formation of sound. What is associated with the word is what defines it. It’s like humans and the old saying- ‘I think therefore I am’. Every human being is the same, yet equality is a goal that we are trying to achieve. The fact is that there is no equality, there is no uniformity- and there never can be. The simple reason is that every individual is defined by the idea he/she represents. The masses are called the masses because they represent the idea of being part of the herd. There is no distinguishing factor that exists between them. They simply follow what is being said, what they are being told to do. Those that do think become outcasts. Either themselves or because the masses force them to.it is good that they do because the truth is that there cannot be equality amongst unequal’s. Leaders and followers cannot be one. In the absence of leaders there can be no followers, and in the absence of followers there is no one to lead. Life is co-existence. Life is duality. Life is interrelated.

    What we interpret of a word will thus change with a change in our state of conscious understanding.

    The objective of spirituality is to raise ones level of consciousness to a state called enlightenment, Buddhahood, Krishna consciousness, Christ consciousness. It is the metamorphosis that enables true alchemy- the conversion of this base mortality (lead) into immortal divinity (gold).fortunately or unfortunately this is not a one minute process. The realization is. The process is not. In fact we are a result of this process. It is this process that has caused this soul to come again and again, in different forms. This is why life although similar is never the same for any two people. It is true that we are mortal immortals. Who we are today can never come back to us. This being exists for only this one life. So, we do not get multiple chances. It is the soul which is immortal……..

    But, what is the soul? Where is it? What or who is god?

    This is where aatmagyan comes in. in Hindi,’ aatma’ means soul and ‘gyan’ means wisdom. Thus aatmagyan literally translates into wisdom of the soul. This is something that everything in this universe possesses. We classify things into living and non- living based upon our limited understanding and perception. The most basic truth that needs to be understood is that- “nothing and I mean nothing is created or destroyed without a reason and nothing, I repeat nothing created has any purpose”. If we understand the reason for our being and the purposelessness of this being, we enter into the domain of the soul. Then the process starts. Siddhartha (the caterpillar) saw a world he did not like. He went to live under a tree and closed himself in deep introspection. He created his cocoon and sealed himself within it. He then broke that very cocoon and emerged a butterfly. The small fact we overlook is the fact that the toughest part in the life of the caterpillar is breaking out of that cocoon and it is also the most important. In the absence of hardships those wings cannot develop and that butterfly cannot fly…often life creates conditions and circumstances that go against what we want, that are not conducive to our being. The truth is that it is these phases that truly define us. Intense meditation is simply concentrating and shortening the entire process. All of us will have to go through many phases in life. A true and proper understanding of who we are allows us to truly and properly understand each event as an external perceiver. There is a great difference between involvement and entanglement. One must be involved in life, not entangled in it.

    To sum up, aatmagyan is the inherent knowledge we all possess. Everything lives because of this knowledge; however it is only the human being that has the ability to truly understand this knowledge. And it this knowledge that makes us understand the reason for our being. It is this knowledge that shows us the futility of life. It is this knowledge that makes our life fruitful and gives it purpose.

    To move onto aatmagyan, the organization. It is a dynamic organization that is learning as it is growing. It is a representation of life being a play of relative reality and constant change. The aim of this institute is to promote spirituality and to inculcate within individuals a thirst for knowledge and that long lost ‘scientific temperament ‘towards life.

    Faith is essential but blind faith is a disease.
  2. There is a famous saying…

    “The truth is often stranger than fiction”

    It’s wrong…..

    The truth is always stranger than fiction… I’ll tell you why.

    Its stranger because we don’t know the truth and we make no attempts at trying to find it. We are content letting others lead the way, content in being part of the herd. We don’t want to know what are true meaning is because were scared. We are all scared. We are scared that if we start questioning our purpose, ourselves, well find but hollowness within. Were scared because we know that we don’t know anything. All these intellectual debates, metaphysic discussions, they are all a sign of our inherent fright. We want to believe that we know, to cover the ignorance that is our greatest disease. We want; nay we choose to be ignorant of our own ignorance. At some time what we consider today a normal cold was considered fatal…. Ring a ring a roses… pocket full of poses. A hisha a husha we all fall down. For every sneeze people said god bless you. Today it’s something we don’t bother about. As you would have realized the disease existed till we were ignorant of the cure. The cure did exist as I am sure exists for everything- we were ignorant and that ignorance was the disease. Aids is a disease because we are ignorant of the cure. If we were aware of it would no longer be a disease. I hope the examples convey what I intend.

    Before continuing let me explain something. Time and space do not exist. These are constructs used primarily to fit us and our ignorance- somewhere. These constructs are what Kant defined as categorical imperatives. A simple example. There are a number of calendars that have been followed (we follow Gregorian calendar). There are many different methods of calculating time. There is no one correct method there is only the conventional or the more frequently used method. The fact however is that we still don’t know exactly when creation got created and till we know that no calendar is correct, no method of time calculation is correct. We count years relative to the birth of Christ, but see the macro picture- when was the birth of Christ? So basically time and space really do not exist. We have created them to help us identify where we are. What I am about to explain needs to be understood. Remember there is never a greater teacher than you yourself. Only if you let that teacher out. Only if you connect to your inner self, only if you listen to your intuition, can you understand. I’ve been given many suggestions on how to write, on how to use facts and footnotes and so on so forth- you will find none of it anywhere because the simple fact is that you need to understand what I say- not be convinced of what I say.
  3. There is a fundamental difference between a homo homo sapien and a human being- the latter is consciously aware of his existence beyond that of an animal- he has learnt to become human, and has understood how to stay that way.

    Unfortunately today we have way more homo homo sapiens than human beings and that is the plight of this world.

    Before dealing with the human being let me tell you about the animal called homo homeo sapien. It is by far the most dangerous of all animals. Even the most ferocious of animals hunts only as much as it needs to fill its stomach. Have you ever heard of an army of tigers or wild boars, or bears rampaging a village, killing all the men, raping the women and making those alive their slaves?

    There is only one animal capable of such cruelty and barbarianism- the homo homeo sapien. Another interesting quality of this animal is that it’s the weakest and the most scared of all animals. It will hunt in groups, and use weapons. It will use tactics and methods to kill-and the death does not come easy to the poor victim. It will be tormented, tortured and killed over and over again till finally the death of the physical body feels like relief- sheer blissful relief. Can you imagine an animal that makes you feel happy at death because you know they can’t hurt you anymore.

    Every organism in nature has understood its purpose and does it properly- every organism save the homo home sapien, unless of course his purpose was to be a virus, a cancer and destroy this world and all of gods creation.in that case top marks- congratulations- have a merry after life.

    The role of the human being however is very different. A human being understands that he is nothing more than a sophisticated animal. He has no qualms about being superior. He understands his role and learns to live in harmony with nature. He learns to respect everything as the creation of some force superior to himself. He understands that the only difference between night and day is that of light, but also that there is more light in darkness. He understands that although in the light, during the day one can see for kilometers around, in the darkness, at night he can see worlds light-years away. He understands that there is something magical in this creation- that there is a pattern in this calculated madness. He understands that he is a microscopic part, living on a microscopic rock, suspended in space, revolving and rotating with amazing mathematical accuracy around a relatively bigger sun, which in itself is tucked away in some small part of this universe. He understands that he is the universe and the universe is him- and that regardless of the machines one builds- this truth can only be attained from within and not beyond. He understands that life is a drama- created so that we may experience. He understands that all his understanding revolves around the fact that the conscious wanted to experience and cannot do so without a manifested form. He understands that he is the conscious and the manifested.

    This is why the ancient civilizations were way more advanced than us. I agree they dint use laptops and dint have the television, they probably dint fly planes either. Recent research has shown out of body experiences to be true, so it’s quite possible judging by the advanced knowledge of the Vedas, Ayurveda, acupressure, yoga etc., that these people could have been aware about astral projection, telepathy and other such skills that we today are ignorant of, or try to replicate using various machines and devices. Ignoring even the knowledge they had, they still are more advanced then we today are because they did have the knowledge of living in harmony with the environment. They were more peaceful.

    Having understood both the animal and what it needs to become let us delve a little into history- or whatever little the ruling classes have willed us to be aware of.

    From around the 13th century the ‘official’ dark ages began in Europe. They were called the dark ages because everything about them is dark. It refers to that phase in the history of mankind where the light of knowledge was darkened and slowly extinguished by the darkness of ignorance and fear. A number of wars like the crusades, the hundred year’s war were waged. Witches were burnt alive at stakes, libraries like the great library at Constantinople were burnt and destroyed, scholars were tortured and killed.

    I do not believe I need to go on any further… for what I wish to convey has been conveyed. Understanding and rationalizing are traits of human beings…..

    I hope and pray that you can place yourself in that list….
  1. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    The only truth is that we don’t know what it is. And we can’t know it till were bound within these constructs of space and time. Remember they are here to help us not to rule us. The truth lies beyond time and space- in a dimension which is both timeless and space less. We know that at some point there was creation and at some point there will be destruction, an apocalypse, a judgment day, a parlay. Some like the Hindus believe that after that there will be creation again i.e. brahma will once again awaken from his sleep. We don’t know. This creation might be just for this one time or it might be a cyclical process like everything in nature. There is spring every year, there is a sunrise every day- nature is cyclical there is no doubt- could creation also be cyclical, because nature is but a manifestation of creation based on certain basic laws that are beyond our control and who is to say that these laws are not the same as are followed by creation.

    So basically we are back to where we started from- time and space don’t really exist- they merely define “now”. However, is there anything called “now”, is there anything called the present. Think about it. The present is the future becoming the past. However small the unit you’ve divided time into the fact is that even that nano second is now the past. Actually within that line arises another question- is now the past. Indeed it is. Because however slowly you view it, it is still going going gone. And it’s the past. So if there is no such thing called the present if there is no ‘now’ what do we need the constructs for. What is done is done and cannot be undone. So you really can’t do anything about the past. What has to happen will happen, or as the gita puts it events have to occur, you can but choose your reaction to those events. It seems you can’t do much about your future either. There is a beautiful line in a movie (V for Vendetta).’ I like god do not play with dice and do not believe in coincidence’. Interestingly the word destination is derived from the words destiny and nation. So the constructs are useless in regards of the past and the future also. Understand that I refer to constructs being useless when trying to understand the truth, not in living your daily lives.

    In the bhagwad Gita, Lord Krishna has enumerated a number of ways to achieve him. You can do it through Gyan Yog (perfection of knowledge), karma yog (perfection of work and the intention behind it) and bhakti yog (perfection of devotion). Do you know when you can achieve perfection? You achieve perfection when you are so absorbed in what you do that you forget the time-space constructs and move into a timeless dimension where only you and whatever you are doing exist, because only there can true perfection exist, simply because perfection and ignorance do not and cannot go hand in hand. This is the result of unknowingly entering that realm. This is the power of a part of the truth.

    There are three primary ways enumerated primarily because we are all different. Look inside yourself and ask yourself which category do you belong to? None is superior to the other and they all lead to the same place- the timeless domain. The most beautiful part is that all three must be practiced simultaneously. The difference lies in the varying degrees of each of these methods in each individual.

    I would be the happiest person if at this point you stop reading. Enter yourself into that timeless domain and find out for yourself, understand it yourself, because after all that is the greatest understanding. Interestingly understand would translate into stand beneath. Stand beneath this physical body where the true ‘you’ actually stand.

    In the beginning was the word, and the word was with god, and he said ‘let there be light’. Why then do we keep ourselves engulfed in darkness? The power to illuminate is ours- let there be light
  2. This is something I’d written a while back which I would like the reader to understand….

    Faith- this is perhaps our most underestimated quality. And perhaps our most important. Faith as defined by the dictionary is belief that is not based on proof.

    If you think about it we have faith on a lot of things. A new-born child has faith that the mother will feed it and in coming years the father will provide for it. We have a faith on our bodies; we just know they’ll work. I just know my hand will move when I want it to. We have faith on our minds. We have faith on hope, on love. We have faith in some way or another on a god above.

    Yet where is the proof? Why do we still believe? Do we know why we have the body- do we understand how it functions- the answer is we don’t. If we did we would be producing humans instead of reproducing them. The difference though subtle is very great.

    Hope- do we even know what that means. Dreams- again a dead end. What are we hoping for what are we dreaming about? And why. Ask yourselves- what do you think of as you drift into sleep or the minute you wake up. The answer is within you, embedded in your question.

    Love- everyone professes it- does anyone understand it? Can you define it, compartmentalize it?

    And the same holds true for most of everything.

    I’ve asked many their view on life and have always got a different answer. And I have learnt that life is a movie and we are all the critics. We decide what we make of it and this decision becomes our interpretation of it- determining who we are.

    Yet if everyone outside a hall was informed about the movie then this would be the scenario- those interested would learn and understand and interpret accordingly, those uninterested would not care, those with strong mind-sets, already prejudiced would find fault and be miserable throughout.

    Now if the people were divided according to how good or bad they have been on say that day, then the good would perhaps get the balcony with ac and leather upholstery while the bad would get the bottom seats with rats running around and the stench of dirty raw alcohol all around. If the man sitting in the bottom understands what good it was that enabled the others to get the good seats, the next day he may do the same and be sitting right up there. And then in the nice atmosphere with a glass of champagne in his hand he would understand that movie differently and perhaps evolve to a different level.

    However if he ;lets the stench overpower him, if he gives up amidst all that despair and does not understand where his weakness and fault lay, the next day he would again have to go sit in the same dirty place. And then it becomes what we call the vicious circle and once in motion you can’t get out.

    Now those in the ac have two options- enjoy what you have till you have it or try helping those below so that instead of the lower hall expanding they expand the balcony.

    But is it right to let people enter the hall uninformed or misinformed. Now to renter the hall. I see the movie going on but I’ve been misinformed. Has anybody ever questioned what exactly our education system educates us about? Why do millions send their children to school to learn something they’ll never put to use except to get that percentage and be ushered off to a new seat of so called education? And since no one is truly educated we don’t understand the movie going on and just pass the time half absorbing it. It’s like watching a movie in a foreign language where you may react with a laugh when a person slips on a banana and may cry when the hero dies but don’t really understand what the movie was about. And they walk out- not having understood anything. Because they could not understand they have to come back to watch another movie and it goes on and on.

    I had started with faith. I remembered today something I had forgotten- my faith in myself and the makers of this movie. It cannot be explained and I don’t need to because then it won’t remain faith any longer. I don’t know how or why it happened but I have a feeling that I can understand this movie and I will. On understanding I will stand up in the hall and shout it out. Those that are interested will hear, those uninterested will ignore, those with strong mind-sets will criticize.

    I realized something I should have a long time ago- jo khud ki maddad nahi karta uski bhagwan kya maddad karega- and its true- till you are willing to help yourself what will god do- for in your inaction lies the passing by of that help. So I’ll do my duty- to inform- the rest is up to those that have to make the choice.

    Now I have laid down broadly what I want to do in life. In the end it’s still a race because the seats up there are limited, but it’s a unique race- the one finishing first is not the winner but the one understanding the most is. So I need to understand primarily for myself. I don’t want to bring about a revolution but if I understand something I want to share it. If I can help I want to. If it’s possible I want to make the entire hall air-conditioned and clean. But if it’s not I want to know for sure that the next movie I watch will be in a nice hall. This is the purpose of life – to understand..
  3. Religion.

    For millennia now religion has been and continues to be one of the most important factors of social control. We all know what religion is. First and foremost religion is not something that can be defined; it is something that flows from within. It is a belief and confidence in that belief and it varies from person to person. People have tried classifying and defining religion, but it is impossible and perhaps that realization is what is most important. You see the problem again is how you perceive religion.

    According to me religion is a belief and action upon that belief. From the beginning of the universe there has been religion. From an amoeba to a blue whale every creature follows a religion. A major problem is that we do not pause to think that there could have been other laws than that of the survival of the fittest. In fact today we do not pause to ponder on anything. We are truly institutionalized in a much as that we have forgotten to question and to think. Today we have become but mere machines. Our education system creates products and not human beings. You see we are all humans, how many of us are human beings i.e. humans capable of being human, of earning the title of someone who is not merely a human in appearance but in action and in thought as well? Anyway back to where I started. Charles Darwin gave the theory of evolution and we accepted it, we indoctrinated it and today no one challenges it. However what was it about him that was so perfect, what makes us believe that there could be no flaw in his perception after all, you have to agree there are quite a few gaps even in his theories, quite a few unexplained phenomena. Why is it not possible that the thousands after him who have contrary views and evidences have to be wrong? Why are we so staunch in believing just what he said? By the way this again is a form of religion. A blind belief that it is this or nothing else. So many archeologists have challenged his theory. People have found footprints of man and dinosaurs; they have found human artifacts in layers of the soil which date back many millennia. I do not say that we believe them either. At least give them a chance. For example this one documentary on the mysterious origin of man states that men and dinosaurs along with other animals lived together in Antarctica. In fact there is an ancient map they found which shows the land mass of Antarctica as it appears under the multiple layers of ice. These people believe that the lot city of Atlantis was basically Antarctica. According to them the polar ice cap at that point of time kept accumulating ice like present day Antarctica. At one point the weight became too much. Now present science also states that the surface we inhabit is upon a semi liquid molten layer. So what these people postulated was that due to the immense weight of the ice the polar ice cap became too heavy and shifted downwards. Now we have the theory that is accepted by the Smithsonian museums that all the continents were once a large landmass called Pangaea and that this landmass broke up and drifted away. Till date we are moving on this layer which is why mountains keep growing (the Himalayas for example). What according to their theory happened was that due to the shifting of the polar ice cap, Antarctica which was earlier in the temperate areas also shifted and took the place of the our polar ice cap. This explains a lot of unanswered questions regarding how fossils of so many creatures are found intact some with even food( incidentally the food when analyzed is said to belong to plants that flourish in temperate areas) in their stomachs. Due to the shift, the climate suddenly changed and all life forms became fossils under the ice. This also explains the ice age. Now if we include myths, this would correspond to the story of Noah’s ark, Manu (Indian law giver) and a host of other accounts from the ancient civilizations like the Mayans and the Sumerians (6000 B.C). What if this theory is right? What if it is possible that it was due to the weight of the ice cap that this happened? It opens an entirely new dimension to the theory of evolution. If we go with this theory then it could be possible that this is a cyclical process that has gone on for many millennia now which would also explain many other things. I can go into every detail here however what I mean is given below in brief. There have been many gods before Christ with the same attributes of Christ (watch the movies called ZEITGEIST,) like Horus. Even in Christianity it is believed that Christ’s arrival coincides with our entry into the house of Aries. According to this we enter into a new house of the sun every 2150 years and this entire process takes around 26000 years. According to Hinduism creation lasts for the period of one day in Lord Brahma’s life and there is parlay or destruction at the end of this time. Then for an equivalent period there is nothing until Brahma again awakens as does the process of creation.******(Shumsky).

    Now I’ll start writing what I wanted to say instead of justifying why I may be right. This is why I say that we inherently give justifications. Everything I said so far is an attempt to justify that which I am about to say.

    According to me, every organism has a religion which is different. So for a decomposer the religion is teamwork, there is no question of survival of the fittest they work together to decompose things. Similarly for a carnivorous animal, it is its duty to ensure that a balance is maintained. The Siberian grassland turning into a desert because of tiger killings is ample proof of that. On the other hand a herd of deer stays together, or a shoal of fish and they carry out their functions in accordance to natures calling and balance is maintained. What I am basically trying to say is that all the creatures of a particular species have their set duties so as to say and they adhere to them. Some live together like monkeys , deer, and elephants while others are individual like tigers, lions, eagles etc. So everything has a religion. A belief, a faith and a way of doing things based upon that.

    The onus is upon us to understand religion and what it means to us personally. Believe me when I tell you, religion is a very personal concept. The Vedas have a beautiful line, ‘ sarva dharma samprabha’. This translates into ‘every religion is possible’. Every religion is possible because the truth is that everything has its own religion.

    We humans have contorted and misunderstood the most essential fundamentals of religion. We try to prescribe one method that will be a sure shot for every practitioner. Please understand that this is not a possibility. A true understanding of religion snatches away religion from us leaving us ‘religious atheists’. The purpose is understanding ourselves and God. The purpose is to question- to seek, to strive and not to yield. The objective is to be able to have faith not because were told that we should have faith but because we genuinely have faith.

    Organized religions are the reason for the greatest atrocities committed by mankind.

    The need of this age is to cure this cataract that has set in and blinded us. It requires lasers. Every rose has its thorns. There is one rose but many thorns. This is the truth of life. A saint is compared by Kabir to a sandalwood tree, which is forever inhabited by snakes.

    The reason spirituality exists is because of that sandalwood tree….

    The reason that religion exists is because the tree cannot reproduce at the same rate as the snakes. It spreads its smell and beauty, yet is unapproachable because of the snakes that are mobile and spread out….

    No religion is right and none is wrong. It is what we make of that religion that matters. Every religion has at its source a tremendous and wondrous source of energy waiting and wanting to be imbibed by the worthy. It also has a lot of snakes, tempting us to fall from grace and convincing us that the tree of poison is in fact the tree of knowledge.

    Every religion has a concept of god and devil. Please understand that for god to exist, the most important condition is the existence of the devil. This is simply a simplified explanation of the duality that life creates. An enemy is a very great boon. In the absence of an enemy life becomes impossible.

    We ourselves create the world we live in, we ourselves determine the paradigms that define us and we choose how we witness, how we react, and what we do.

    Religions need to be understood instead of being blindly followed. If what we have today in the name of religion is actual religion then burn it, because otherwise it will burn us. Religions do not require violence, rioting and forceful conversions. True religion requires understanding and knowledge.

    ‘Being humane’ is religion. An understanding of your true being, regardless of how it is attained is religion. Living up to your ideals, principles and beliefs is religion. Religiously do what you do and you will find your religion.

    An enlightened being can help you with an understanding of the ultimate truth on your path. The journey of no two people can ever be the same. We have the same destination. Because the destination is infinite, there are infinite paths to it.

    Understand your religion, because it is imperative. Like I said faith is a boon, blind faith a disease.

    The ahamkar.

    What is the ahamkar?

    Let us break down the word- aham akar. Aham in Sanskrit means mine or me. Akar is the Sanskrit and Hindi word for form. So ahamkar is basically “my form’.

    However we perceive ourselves in different lights, in different roles. For e.g. you behave very differently with family, at work, with friends, during social gatherings, during bachelor parties. In each of these cases you associate yourself with the event in which you find yourself.

    I have come across many people who don’t know who they really are. They are completely perplexed if a few important questions are put forth. The first question being- who are you. No, not the name. Who are you?

    The second being- why are you here.

    To answer one must know who one is. It’s quite obvious that true nature of your being cannot be found in these ever-changing roles that we associate ourselves with.

    If this was not enough, there is another hurdle. Along with these roles we associate with, our ahamkar lies and operate from the level of spiritual advancement we have attained. In a broader sense, our ahamkar operates from the chakra which is most predominant in our body. It is important to understand that it is generally believed that in ideal circumstances a person will ascend a chakra every seven years. However some may take longer, some may experience these ascensions faster. The important thing is to understand where you are and then try to do something so that you clear any blockages you may have, and keep up this ascension within ourselves, so that finally you can understand your full potential.

    Of course there are a lot more that needs to be said and a lot more that needs to be understood.

    I wrote a small poem – the herd….

    The herd,
    Just that,
    That’s it,
    The herd.

    In plain words nothing here is meant for the herd. To break free is your job, to illumine the path is ours. This should not be construed to mean that you live unconventionally. It is our mind that creates the greatest prisons. Break free from those mental shackles that restrict you from realizing your true potential.

    Life is indeed a beautiful intricate web full of poison and traps. It’s a lovely journey.

    We all have to meet at the final destination. These journeys are meant to be experienced and learnt from.

    May we all find something to learn and give something to learn from.

    Welcome to aatmagyan.

    The journey that extends many lifetimes………together and individually.

    Om namah: shivay

    Let there be peace.

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