6-3 6:33:53 Guest_2236 «link» Kata Mutiara
8-10 19:16:40 Guest_5694 this is hardldly a discussion....
8-9 19:55:07 Guest_7189 please add unto the social discusussion
18-8 5:28:58 Neta There is no form of GOD! You cant say how does HE looks like. It is nothing but a matter of perception. Just as like people don't actually believe in Evil or Ghosts until they feel a sense of their presence then how could you perceive that the count of number of God's in India itself exceeds 33 crores. With how many of them, you actually have been with?

In my views in this Universe, there is only one sole unique power i.e. ENERGY. The basic fact is that "Energy could neither be created nor could be destroyed but could only be transformed from one form to another." So the existence of God or Evil is just a mere perception. The actual thing that is in existence is energy. If its positive you call it GOD and if its negative you call it evil.
1-8 12:06:23 Guest_6446 sir what about human evolution ??
30-7 18:21:37 Abhimanyu Yes....obviously God exists because there is a super natural power that is making our life possible. There is no point of confusion that does god exists or not. For instance today there is a work in which you are lacking behind and tomorrow that work completes automatically then there is a natural power behind it. Now thats another matter that is God visible or not because no one can see God. If they can then they might have seen while conducting a pooja at their home or outside. God exists in ourself and no body believes in this fact. You just have to look inside you and see what you can be and you can do. So, this world is bounded by a super natural power that binds everything in this universe. There is a famous song which explains that we are puppets of God and we do those things that God makes us to do.
26-7 21:51:59 Gueshart_3328 do you think god exists
7-7 12:08:45 Guest_7637 hello all
5-7 19:32:08 Guest_6483 hari om diwakar ji.... kaise hai??
5-7 19:31:22 Guest_3412 जय हो भोले शंकर
5-7 19:22:28 Guest_4411 om!
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