A momentary lapse of reason accompanied by the delicate sound of thunder culminating in an organized confusion made me want to break on through to the other side and hope that someday, I shall see you too; on the dark side of the moon.

I am understanding this life, the purpose of creation, God and a host of other things.

I was pursuing law before I came onto this path. Then due to various events I understood that life is much deeper than what we perceive it to be. I realized that in this world where everything has a purpose, only us humans seem to be purposeless. I started meditating and praying and since then I have received certain gifts in relation to, Tarot cards and alternate healing methods. These include- Long-distance healings, Channel healing, Reiki and Tibetan healing using a Tibetan Gyamzo.

The reason why I chose to professionally read cards is because thanks to all my past readings I realized that we are often ignorant of what we need to do and that ignorance is our greatest disease. I hope that through this medium I can help people understand their role and what they need to do. This way the collective consciousness of all of us will get higher ushering in the new era of love and peace.

You must understand that if nothing is in our control then life becomes even more futile than it already is. You need to understand the gravity and importance of your own choices.

The choice is always yours including the choice of making a choice or of letting it go. There is no doubt that events that have to happen will happen. Like the Gita beautifully puts it- Events have to occur, we can but choose our reactions to those events. Events are like destinations on a long journey, only what you do along the journey is in your control. Sometimes the forces blow the breeze against you sometimes in your favor….. All you can do is choose how you react. So, the event will be the same but you may perceive it, understand it and learn from it differently. This will enable you to consciously shape your life and perhaps alter the direction, thereby changing future events otherwise inevitable.

I hope and pray that what you need, you get.

Please be very clear in as much as that I and for that matter nobody can predict your future. You as a human being have the ability to mould your future. I can use the Tarot to help you do that i.e mould your future and it finishes at that. I had stopped reading because of an article I had written, titled people don’t want the truth, they want reassurances.

In the entire process of meditating, one realizes that there is a Shiva- a consciousness and its manifestation - the Prakriti. They exist in the infinity of the Brahman(universe) as well as within us (Shiva and kundalini). The difference between different organisms and forms is the ability to understand the relation between the Shiva and the Prakriti. The manifested form is simply a vehicle. But it is a vehicle required so that the aatman may experience. In humans the ahamkar exists- this is the form with which you associate yourself. Every person associates themselves to different things- that is the you. The ultimate understanding is of course that you are your ataman- your ataman is everything and everything is nothing.

I also realized another thing- the greatest purpose in life is to be consciously aware of having no purpose; because existence as such itself has no purpose. Even experience is a purpose we have derived. The truth is there is no purpose. The true interpretation of sat chit ananda is a stage where one can suffer with the same happiness as is there when one is enjoying. One must be aware of both emotions- the heartache and the fluttering, but one must not associate with that feeling. So once we associate ourselves as our ahamkar(the bridge between the Shiva and Prakriti) with the ultimate consciousness, we realize that though the emotions exist, they do not define us….

Our emotions and thoughts demand assurances and reassurances,
The truth however, demands nothing

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