public display of affection

This deals with the paradoxes and ironies of life, the presumptuous  misconceptions we have .
First of all let us clarify what public display of affection is. As far as my reasoning goes it refers to acts of affection done by two persons… hopefully of opposite sexes… you never know, anyway as I was saying acts of affection by two persons so that others i.e. the general public can enjoy the show.
My question is- can only a couple display affection. Can a parent not show affection to his or her child. Can a brother not show his affection for his sister? Can two friends not show their affection for one another? And even if they do, even if it is a couple we talk of, Do they show their affection or indulge in any such activitiy because they have a point to prove to the world???? Are they doing it because they want the entire world to know which levels of intimacy they are comfortable with???
I know I may be overstepping the line but I hope we are a mature audience who will understand that the only reason we are sitting here is because of the level of intimacy that existed between our parents… no its not something to be ashamed of.. its not something to hide. You want to blame someone, blame god for having created life.and then blame him for having created the reproductive system. Blame him for having created two opposite sexes who are by nature are deemed to be attracted to one another.
My point- two persons do not publicly display their affection. It is perverted members of the society who create an issue about their private lives and their love for one another and the natural consequences of that love.
Then again we must realize that this is something that has been going on since time immemorial. The only difference is that population has expanded manifold. Uptil a few years ago you could go to a deserted spot and that affection would not be public anymore. Today you’ll find people everywhere. Privacy is now something one can only wish for or dream about.
Look around you. Look at nature, look at any animal or bird or any organism for that matter. For them it is a public display of reproduction. If that is what nature deems right why do we create an issue out of  something as trivial as a display of affection. Do you actually expect me to believe that by virtue of being humans we have an obligation to control our basic instincts. Try not breathing till the end of my debate, or try not eating while people are around you. Try not going to the toilet, try not drinking water.
There is no such thing as a public display of affection. It is an immature society we should be talking about. It is that group of people that see a boy and girl walking hand in hand and go--- oooh look look look there holding hands … ooh look look look there kissing. Why should it make a difference to others what two people are doing. They are n kissing simply to express their love for one another; they are doing that which nature forces them to do. And legally we do have the freedom of expression? What is affection or if not a physical expression of love..
I started by saying that this is about paradoxes. If a man loves a man we call them queer, ironically we have a problem with a man loving a woman as well.
When hrithik and aishwarya kiss on screen it is the cutest scene in the movie, when a boy and a girl kiss in a park it is public display of affection and should be checked. I know that at this juncture many will claim that we need to censor public display of affection on screen. We don’t. How much can we go on living in a make believe world. What they show is the reality. Affection does exist, has existed and will always exist.
Lets talk about marriage. “you may now kiss the bride”. Why don’t we take every single Christian member of society and sue them for public display of affection. Come to think of it you cant get more public then calling a bunch of people and then making out in front of them.
Look at hindu mythology. Marriage has four important parts. One of which is rati i.e prgeny or offspring and  another is kama. The kamasutra is a book developed over the years which explores and explains better ways of conjugation so as to derive maximum pleasure and satisfaction.
Before concluding id like to ask you.
Are you mature enough to see a couple showing their affection for one another and leave them alone???
If you answer in the affirmative then I pity you for having come here in the first place. I feel sorry that despite knowing what that affection signifies you are sitting here to watch it being perverted in the hands of some.
If you answer in the negative then I have just to lament that I speak today in the presence of hypocrites. hypocrites who have managed through their immaturity and shallow mindedness to pervert something so beautiful and transform it into something so degrading and perverted.
If there are still some left who feel they are not hypocrites then I shall conclude by giving two suggestions
If you believe in reincarnation, pray that you be born as an amoeba in your next life
Otherwise please, please do go consult a doctor because there is something definitely wrong with you.

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